Island Adventures: Day 1

Exams are finally over! Yes, cue the applause and the sighs of relief. Once I finished writing my paper today I felt so free I could’ve jumped out of the window, skyrocketed into the moon, and built a new colony of plants just because it was all over. And the exam wasn’t even officially over yet.

So, onto my new ‘Island Adventures’ series. My family and I are going on a trip around island hopping around Indonesia and we’re at the airport right now waiting for our flight. I’ve had period pains for the past couple of hours, which resulted in me sulking around and sleeping on my sister’s lap in the airport. Surprisingly, I felt better afterwards. Just half an hour ago I felt like Zeus was lighting up lightning bolts in my abdomen and that Hades was setting my entire back on fire.

But I feel okay now. And okay is good.

I’ll be flying off to Bali tonight as a mini pitstop to my trip, with a flight headed to Nusa Dua tomorrow morning to begin the “real” adventure. I love the tropics. White sand, clear waters and sunshine all day. Yeah, I wouldn’t mind living on the beach for the rest of my life.

Anyways, people are standing up so I guess this is an indication that the plane is about to board. Or that everyone suddenly felt like stretching their legs. Who knows. I’ll just do the same, and you wouldn’t even know why.

Obligatory Introduction Post

Hi there.

So I created this blog just a couple of hours ago and the entire time I’ve been thinking about what I should write for my first post. It took me this long to realize that I should probably start with an introduction post about myself to keep it simple.

Let’s start with the basics? My name is Jessica and I’m 16 years old (soon to be 17, but I don’t want to sound too eager right now) and I’m from Jakarta, Indonesia.

Here is a picture of a tiger sleeping on my lap.
Here is a picture of a tiger sleeping on my lap.

I’ve never been good at keeping journals but after a very inspiring trip to the bookstore Aksara the other day, I decided to try to record my experiences and thoughts for the next year I’ll be spending here before going off to university. Just a couple of fun facts: I’ve been in the same school since kindergarten (yes, kindergarten) and I guess this past year turned out better than I could’ve ever imagined it so. Even though I planned to start it along with my senior year, the fact that I asked myself why didn’t I think of doing this earlier kind of pushed me to just start it today.

And of course, my final exams for the year start Monday. So my timing is impeccable.

I can’t really think of anything else to say, except for the fact that I should probably go back to study (or sleep, who knows) now and I think my plan is for this to be a weekly thing – at the very least. So you’ll hear from me either in the next couple of days, or at the latest next Saturday.

Let’s see if this turns out okay. I’ve never had a semi-decent blog before and here’s to hoping that this will finally be the one.