Why the El Family Gives Me Hope, and a Mini Analysis on Superman’s Anxiety

Every time I find myself scrawling the letter “S” in the blank pages of my notebook, I stop and tell myself: “It’s not an S, on Krypton it’s a symbol of hope.”

And then I hear Lois Lane telling me that on this planet, it very much is an S.

Anyway, my point. There isn’t one, really. I was just lying in bed in the middle of the night (23:21) thinking about how much I love Superman, and then I think about how much I love Supergirl, and then I think about how different my life is to theirs and I realize they’re not real but I want them to be real.

As Dawn of Justice dawns (ha) I decided to re-watch Man of Steel the other night. It was a crappy putlocker stream so I can’t say that it was 100% magical but it was probably around the 80-85% range. If you know me, you probably know that I have defended this movie from the second it came out. Dark and gritty Superman, who could love that? What happened to all the hope, why were the colours unsaturated, why is Zack Synder on a personal mission to destroy half of Metropolis?

While I can admit that Zack Synder probably went a bit overboard on that last bit, I will also state that personally, and this might seem a little far out to some of you, but I don’t correlate saturation levels with the levels of hope in a movie. I just, don’t?

Because while some people were busy buying rose-tinted 3-D glasses to watch the movie with, I enjoyed the picture for what it was. The story of an alien who grew up on a farm and became the kindest hero the world could ask for – until he wrecked half the city, killed the last of his kin and decided to switch career paths with the additional change in eyewear.

All jokes aside though, I love how Clark’s backstory was explored in this movie. The flashbacks were, yes, slow for anyone who was expecting a little more action maybe (although it certainly wasn’t lacking in the second half) but they provided such rich character insight. We got to see Clark through the early stages of his childhood, dealing with problems most of us usually face – anxiety, loneliness, alienation, insecurity, feeling like you don’t even belong in your own skin. And he doesn’t always handle this by being a hero. He handles it the way most of us do – or should – and that’s with the support of his family and friends.

My personal favourite is when Clark is hiding in a closet because of his super alien senses overloading. He says, “The world’s too big, Ma.” And his mom’s reply?

Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 11.57.53 PM

“Then make it smaller.”

Sshh. Now let that single tear fall from my eye. I just can’t express how much I relate to this, how sometimes I feel like the world is too much at once and everything’s crashing down on top of me and everything’s just noise and it’s crippling and frightening and just so, so overwhelming. And I lock myself out (not in a janitor’s closet, admittedly) and I can’t speak to people because it’s too much and it’s just. Not a great feeling. It looks like Clark is having a panic attack. And even though I don’t suffer the same alien-sensory-overload type feel, I get his general state. And sometimes having just one voice that you trust makes all the difference. Just. Focus on the important things (which should include yourself) and everything else turns into background noise.

Also when he just comes out of the closet and heads straight into his mom’s arms: very me. Why are all the kids still watching him though. And the teacher. Please respect privacy and do not add to #stress and #tension. Let the boy live.

(Additional important quote from this scene because I forgot initially. When his mom says: “How can I help you if you don’t let me in?” #me #same #IamClark #Clarkisme)

Anyway, it is midnight and I Must Sleep for a super exciting super fun trip to London tomorrow for an ACS alumni reunion. If you think is is part of their marketing strategy, then you can bet it is Not. I’m just generous. Free publicity for all.

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