Writing 201: Trust Me

Trusting you is like carving open the shell of my heart:
rarely does it ever go without a twinge of pain, but
underneath it all, underneath the battered walls and ruptured vaults
something else happens inside. Like gentle waves from the sea
trust begins seeping through in gradual, careful amounts.

My heart becomes a cup in your hands, filled to the brim with the
earnest hope that it remains unbroken, unspoilt, unspilled–

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Indonesian. 20. English major at the University of Bristol.

14 thoughts on “Writing 201: Trust Me

  1. Excellent work! The last two lines are particularly interesting as the dash at the end suggests that ‘hope’, that the process is ongoing. I think that is a brilliant device. Happy writing, Jacqui 🙂

    1. Thank you! Ahh, glad that you got a sense of the ongoing nature of trust at the end. I wanted to end it with a feeling of closure, but at the same time avoid giving it an ‘absolute’ message. I hope that makes sense, and thank you once again 😀

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